Friday, April 13, 2012

We Be 'Grammin

I, Christina, am developing an unhealthy relationship with Instagram. All you Iphone-havers can zip it, they just released it for Android. I might be late to the party, but I'm gonna have fun anyway dagnabbit. I'm taking way more pictures with my phone now, so I thought I'd share some of the fun I'm having.

 Marshmallow salad at Easter lunch. This is a staple. It has no nutritional value whatsoever, it just tastes like marshmallows and joy.

 My mom and I went to lunch at the River Room in Georgetown the other day. I like their shrimp sandwich because the bread doesn't overwhelm me. Also, you get two onion rings with your fries.

 No lips! He's teething, so he's using counterpressure to make his not-quite-teeth feel better. That's what my sister tells me anyway.

 This was his Easter outfit. I know you can't see it very well, but it was precious. He looked like a little sailor.

 My first-ever Cadbury egg. Will couldn't believe I'd never had one. I told my mom, and she said I probably hadn't had one because she doesn't like them. Therefore, they didn't end up in my Easter basket as a kid.

 As if marshmallow salad wasn't enough, we have a bunny jello mold. Each holiday gets its own jello mold, and it's just not the same without one.

The grand finale. This was the most delicious strawberry milkshake I've ever had. I've been craving a good milkshake for a while now, so I decided to stop at Willard Farms on my way home from Columbia. They have all sorts of goodies that they make on-site: burgers, fries, ice cream, shakes, fudge, etc. I knew I wanted a milkshake, and one of the girls there told me they have a fresh strawberry shake with their vanilla ice cream and the strawberries they grow on the farm. Then they topped it with fresh whipped cream. It was sweet and tangy, and I probably could've had two.

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