Saturday, May 5, 2012

We Be Grammin': Part Deux

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby, USC's graduation, and my cousin's wedding, I give you my goings on. Obvi I still lurve Instagram.

 Saturday morning at the lake was foggy but still beautiful. I'll never be unhappy by the water.

Our second morning at the lake had vultures. Um, this was not our first encounter with the wildlife. The night before we built a fire by the lake (by "we"... I mean other people lit the logs and I stuffed a couple of pieces of newspaper under them) and roasted marshmallows. And then two grey foxes showed up. At first we thought one was a cat. Then it turned to the side and we realized no, it's a wild animal. In all honesty, as long as it's not rabid I'm not too afraid. I'm not one of those fools who goes up to a wild fox and tries to pet it though. Don't get confused.

 A smoothie from M Fresh in Columbia. It's my new favorite place.

M Fresh has lots of different flavored sugars. One day I'll get something other than a smoothie to try them out.

A lemon-ginger cookie from Blue Flour bakery. I stumbled upon this little place in search of the post office. It was huge and cakey, and I loved every bite. Also, note my coral pants. I'm colorful.

 First time for pears! Way better than green beans if you're wondering

Rich's birthday meant I needed to get my baker on and make that man some cupcakes! He has a huge sweet tooth, and cupcakes are perfect because he can sneak one without my sister taking too much notice. "Cupcake for breakfast? Don't mind if I do!"

Our new cat. By that I mean this cat showed up for a day and hung around our porch. I named him Agent Jack Bauer because that's one tough cat. If you don't know the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference, may I point you to Season 3, Episode 14.

He also chased off a snake. My mom and I watched in terrible fascination as the cat toyed with the snake and the snake struck out at the cat. Kitty was clearly having more fun than the snake.

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