Saturday, April 13, 2013

Instagrammin' Late Winter/Early Spring 2013

Some of the things I've done and found the last 3 months...

First things first. I ran a 10K!!!! Like the whole thing. Like UP the bridge. And down it. And to it. And down King Street in Charleston. 

And then I drank a fancy martini. Because CARBS, y'all. Just kidding. I drank it because it was refreshing, and I'd already sucked down a bottle of water.

I arranged a happy hour for our Columbia "office". We finally got warm, sunny weather, so tacos and margaritas it was!

Paradise Ice is a local Italian ice and custard shop. It's incredible and the owners are SUPER nice. The classic lemon was so tart and flavorful I couldn't stand it. And by couldn't stand it I mean that I scraped the bowl trying to eat it all.

Another place I'd like to write an ode to is Smash Burger. Dudes. Firstly, they use Duke's for their mayonnaise, which automatically makes them tops in my book. And you can get the fries with rosemary and garlic. I'd go for just the fries, but it's a juicy cooktop burger too. 

What, I like fries okay? These were Will's birthday fries from Rockaways. Rockaways is a kind of hole-in-the-wall place on Rosewood with my favorite pimento cheese fries everrrr.

I went to a chili cook-off, where I stumbled on these cornbread cupcakes with cream cheese-jalapeno frosting. It was one of those things that I wasn't sure I liked but couldn't stop eating.

Does it get more comfy than this? Hangin' on the couch with a blankie and cheese puffs, watching baby tv? I think not.

Crust Bakehouse is my first choice for scones. I could run there it's so close...but I don't. This is a chocolate-coconut scone and remains my favorite. I've also had their chocolate sable and peanut butter cookies. Worth every bite. Crust makes all sorts of breads and has pizza dough ready to go for you, so go get some!

I might not have mentioned that I moved into my own supercute apartment. My best moving tip is to buy a bottle of wine with a screwtop. Because you might not know where your corkscrew is until it's too late. Unless you're way more organized than me (totally possible). But better to be safe than sorry.

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