Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Weather

Today and tomorrow are going to be fabulously cool.  As in I had to buy jeans because it's gonna get a little chilly.  After a week of temps in the 90s, 65º is just downright magical.  So much so that I had to go to one of Columbia's new coffee shops for a hot latte and a chill vibe to match the chill in the air.  I know it's only for a couple of days, but glory it feels wonderful.  Thanks, Peace, Love, and Rocky Roast.  Yeah, it's a 60s themed place.  The gelato looks divine, but I'll have to wait on sampling that.  They roast their own beans and....just go to the website.

Mmmmm, a soy latte.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Well...I'm not a doctor, but I do have a Master's!

Obviously those people had no idea I was picture-taking.  I'm stealth like that.  Actually, I just figured out how to turn the flash off my phone.

Check out some of the fun wall art.  The whole place is one big mural.  I think I'm sitting next to Jerry Garcia, but I can't be sure.

In honor of the fall weather, I'm going to make pumpkin bread today.  I love pumpkin bread.  Especially if it has a cream cheese glaze.  And why wouldn't you want a cream cheese glaze?  We will glaze, my friends.  Yes, we will glaze.

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