Monday, March 12, 2012

I Look Like An Alien

I went to the eye doctor for a check-up, and they dilated my eyes like always.  So now I look crazy, and I'm wearing my stunna shades in the house.  It never fails that my eye doctor brings up the book Freakonomics.  Also, I think his aftershave permeated my clothing because I can still smell it.

When I got home there was a lemon on the floor.  I don't remember it being there when I left.  Maybe Puddin wanted a little refreshment.

I hope y'all had a good weekend.  The time change always ruins me for a couple of days before I get used to it.  I also happened to catch Weekend Update on SNL, which happened to feature my favorite, favorite character.  Stefon.  Part of what makes me love it is that Bill Hader doesn't quite make it through it without cracking up.  And apparently he based this character on a barista he encountered.

For your viewing pleasure.

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