Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Instgrammin': Late Summer Edition

It seems like every September I catch a little cold. Not a knock-down-seeing-stars flu, just a cold that's inconvenient enough to sap all my energy and give me a low-grade fever. It's not a time when people like you to handle their food. I'm in recovery mode with plans for a pumpkin bender, but until then, here's a glance at the past month or so.

This is the face of disobedience. It's a sweet face to be sure, but mercy this dog doesn't listen!

Farm-fresh eggs come in pretty colors and taste phenomenal, too.

I think he's silently communicating "I don't take pictures of you while you eat."

Sometimes at a meat and three, one of your three needs to be banana pudding.

I know, I take a picture of a frog or toadie every other day. But this time it looks like he's trying to get in the house!

Sometimes you can only find one beater. And sometimes the bride-to-be likes chocolate chip cookies...minus the chocolate chips.

This is about as crafty as Kaitlin and I get. BUT they were pretty. And perfect for a bachelorette weekend.

Also perfect for a bachelorette weekend? A Big. Ass. Biscuit. With fried egg and bacon, natch.

This shrimp burger makes life worth living. Maybe I should try to make my own.

This is the salad I ate when I was a table over from DR. JILL BIDEN. It had scallops, arugula, avocado, roasted corn, and a buttermilk-lime vinaigrette.

Our first game was an away game, but that didn't stop G-man from wearing his jersey! Oh and that's a 2T. On a 10-month old.

I was there for our first home game with our new jumbotron. It's so pretty, y'all. It's going to be stunning at night games.

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