Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Peanut Festival

Y'all, I'm here to give you a full report on our day at the Peanut Festival.  It was a magical day full of fried food and carnival rides.  Okay that's kind of a lie.  Will and I only rode two rides because we're wussies.  The first one we rode went a bit faster than we expected, which completely terrified Will.  The second one was called The Himalaya, and Will almost crushed me with his body weight.  To be fair, I didn't think it was going to be that bad...until I was pinned between him and the seat.  Oops.  A suggestion to fair-goers: Obey the signs that say the bigger person should be on the outside.  They mean it. At one point we thought it was over, but it was just gearing up to go backwards.  So we didn't ride anymore rides after that.

The day was full of food, though.  Our first stop was the Corndog Man of course!

Don't be fooled by the other corndog stands.  The Corndog Man is where it's at, and the long lines throughout the day proved it.  Even with long lines, the people running it knew what they're doing and kept people moving.
Y'all, it was indeed the best corndog I've ever had.  And yes, that is mustard on my face.  The corndog batter was tender with a satisfactory crunch when you bit into it.
Right next to the Corndog Man was the deep-fried desserts tent.  I'll be honest, I'd never had a deep-fried candy bar up until then.  Even I have limits.  Well I decided to test those limits.
Boom.  A fried Snickers.  We went to the fair with our friends Jaxon and Rita and their two kids, so Rita and I stayed at the table while Jaxon and Will went to get sin-on-a-stick.  Apparently the lady at the booth asked if we wanted the chocolate sauce that came with it.  Um, chyeah.  If you're going to eat a fried Snickers, you might as well go whole hog.  So we did.  And it was delicious.
I hadn't planned on eating a fried Oreo as well, but when the opportunity presents itself...well you just have to.  Of course it came with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  So yeah.  It was delightful.  And I probably won't have anything like it until the next time the Peanut Festival comes around.  C'mon, you can't do this more than once a year.
Little C was a real trooper.  He chilled out and slept most of the time we were at the festival.  He's such a chunky monkey!  Don't tell me you don't want to pinch those cheeks.
Little K not only got a sweet Sonic hat, he also had cotton candy smeared all over his hands and face.  Classic fair-time.
K went on one of those bungee trampoline deals, which looks super fun.  It had a sign that said "No Sissy's Allowed."  I'm going to ignore the grammar mistake.
This is an example of a ride I refuse to go on.  Will and I are cut from similar cloth in that sheer terror on a carnie ride doesn't appeal to either of us.
This was definitely the most terrifying of all the rides.  Basically you're stuck up in the air for a few minutes, then you come swinging down, then back up, and down.  It makes my palms damp just to think about it.
A little perspective.  Guh.
Who doesn't love food on a stick?  More importantly, who wouldn't love pork butt on a stick.  I didn't have it in me to get any though.  A bag of pork skins on the other hand...
Eventually we just had to sit on a curb for a second.  It really was such a fun day.
A list of things we ate:

  • Corndogs
  • Chili cheese fries (mostly Will)
  • Fried Snickers (me)
  • Fried Oreo (me)
  • Cherry Sno-cone
  • Cotton candy
  • Pork skins
Then the next day we had vegetables.  The End.

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