Thursday, October 4, 2012

1 Minute Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Granola

Fact: When I wake up in the morning, I'm starving. I could eat all the things. Even though I'd rather have a biscuit with jelly and some sort of ham/bacon/sausage, I try to make my breakfasts on the healthy side. Unless it's the weekend. Then it's game on. But just because it's healthful doesn't mean it has to be bland or boring. Joy the Baker made a dessert version to angry-eat without making yourself feel bad, and I thought why not just use Greek yogurt and make it breakfast?
Give yourself a generous serving of Greek yogurt in a cartoon bowl from your childhood. I prefer Fage 0% Plain. Low calorie, full of protein to keep you going.

Sprinkle on your favorite granola. I got this vanilla almond granola from Fresh Market because it was 30% off.

Drizzle on some maple syrup for a little extra sweetness because plain Greek yogurt is tart.

Perfect for busy mornings. Perfect for making you feel like you're indulging without actually indulging. That frees up space for brownies and pumpkin scones.

1 Minute Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Granola (serves one)
Inspired by Joy the Baker

1/2-3/4 c plain Greek yogurt
1/4 c granola
1 tsp maple syrup

  • Combine the yogurt, granola, and maple syrup in a fun bowl. Eat with gusto.

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