Monday, October 21, 2013

Boston in September

 I think it's time to talk about my trip to Boston in September. Because I'm pretty sure it's my dream city and maybe I want to live there forever and ever. It was one of my all-time favorite trips, and it conveniently knocked off one of my New Years resolutions.

The reason I was in Boston is in this picture. My beautiful friend, Megan, got married! She freaking glowed the whole weekend I was there. It was a wonderful thing to see.

Mimosas with Laura!
I also met up with my friend, Laura. We grabbed brunch a few blocks from our hotel at Metropolis Cafe. Our waiter totally thought I was someone else and greeted me like he knew me. My thoroughly confused face must've tipped him off. Oh well, mimosas! I had the grapefruit.

And the huevos rancheros. Good LORD did I have heuvos rancheros.

I'm kind of in love with Boston already
I spent most of my first day walking around downtown and the South End. I probably walked a few miles then and more the next day with Laura. Which is good because of the aforementioned brunch and  everything else we ate.
     Cannoli in the North End
Like cannoli from Mike's Pastry. We would've stopped at Modern too to compare but we didn't have the patience to wait in that kind of line again. Next time!

But let's not act like I didn't have the best cannoli of my life. Does it make me pretentious that I wanted to write "cannolo" because that's what the singular form is even though I speak not a lick of Italian and no one really cares if I use the plural? Whatever, I'll just hold it like a Marx brother holds a cigar.

You have not lived until you've had the sticky bun from Flour. Fact.
Let's pause a moment and consider this sticky bun. If you know anything about Boston's baked goods, you've probably heard of Flour Bakery and its outrageous sticky bun. Toasty pecans. Copious amounts of caramel. Buttery brioche dough. I. Died.

We had a picnic over by the Esplanade. The Charles River sported super-puffy clouds.

For some reason, the one thing I wanted to be sure to see was the Old North Church. Look, a lantern! It's really a neat landmark. Instead of pews, the church has boxes because it got so dang cold in the winter that they needed to hold in the body heat. And it's still an active church!

My next house better have wrought iron gates. 

Arancini at Coppa
The last night I was there I had dinner by myself at Coppa, a little place a few blocks (again) from my hotel. Boston is so freaking walkable and I swear there's good food on every corner. This crispy, cheesy arancini inspired me to make my own at home from mushroom risotto. Bomb.

I saw burrata on the menu. That was all it took.

Pretty wedding flowers :)
I adored the flowers at Megan's wedding. The purples and greens were simply...gorgeous. 

I'll leave you with a picture of the happy couple. And truly, I've never seen two people more clearly in love.

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