Monday, May 21, 2012


Well fiddle-dee-dee. I tried to make popovers, but they came out more like pop-unders. It probably has something to do with our oven door not closing properly. They're still pretty daggum tasty with a little jam, blue cheese, and prosciutto piled on top. So hah! Silver lining.

 This isn't an Instagram picture, but is there anything cuter than a baby in a bathrobe?! I think not.

 Remember the fried green tomatoes? I'm still dreaming about them.

 Daisy: Guardian of the Legal Pad. She doesn't sit in that chair as often anymore.

Sometimes your beer gives you advice. Let a good thing happen. Thanks, Magic Hat! P.S. Their Elder Betty has a lovely floral note to it, perfect for summer!...which is why they made it their summer ale. Duh, Christina.
I made Joy the Baker's single serving lava cake from her cookbook. I ate it with a side of French Toast ice cream from the ridiculous folks at High Road Craft Ice Cream. When I was done with the cake I ate more ice cream. In all seriousness, I've found my new favorite ice cream. Next on my list is Bourbon Burnt Sugar.

 I went to a play at the local theatre. Of course I got the program some stranger had used to dispose of his gum. I say "his" because no lady would ever do that, right? Either way, EW.

 I found this cracked egg on my front steps. I think it's a robin's egg. I'm not sure if something hatched or if...the cat got to it. I'm hoping the former rather than the latter.

I'm on an ice cream kick. I've been dying to try Jeni's for months and months now. This was the brown butter almond brittle. Even though it had that cherry flavor almond extract has (at least to my taste buds), I still ate every bite and scraped out the carton. It just beats a humdrum pint of Edy's and quite frankly is better than Ben & Jerry's. Now if someone wants to get me her cookbook...

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