Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bourbon Peach Milkshake

South Carolina...is kind of a whack-a-doo state. We're in the news quite a bit for crazy politicians (Who can forget the Appalachian Trail scandal that basically ended Mark Sanford's political career, which he seems to be okay with because he found lurve?) and unfortunate statistics. But one of the reasons I put up with our peculiar brand of crazy is the food. In the last week I've picked a bucket of blueberries and at least five gallons of tomatoes. South Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia, and they're better too. That's my completely biased opinion, and I'm sure many Georgians would argue vehemently with me. The one thing we can agree on though is that both our peaches are better than California's. Sorry, Cali.

This is an homage to my grand-daddy, who used to make peach ice cream when I was little and loved bourbon. You don't really need me to tell you how to make a milkshake. Suffice it to say a heaping cup of ice cream, a beautifully ripe peach, and a splash of bourbon make an easy sweet treat.

Seriously, the hardest part is peeling the peach. The blender takes care of everything. If you find your splash of bourbon is not quite enough liquid, you can A) Add more bourbon or B) Splash in a little milk.

I suggest a redneck wineglass for your serving vessel.

The peach flavor is subtle but present. Its bourbon and vanilla notes complement it and fully evoke summer in the South.

Bourbon Peach Milkshake (makes one 8 oz shake)

1 heaping cup good quality vanilla ice cream
1 ripe peach, peeled and sliced
Splash of bourbon

  • Combine all ingredients in a blender. If your splash of bourbon is not quite enough liquid, you can add a small splash of milk. Blend until completely smooth and pour into a chilled glass. 

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