Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instagrammin': July Edition

I've been trying to do this post for two or three days. I'm still in Alabama but returning to my beloved home state tomorrow. I know this is mostly a food blog, but I do like to share other snippets of my life.

I saved this little froggy from the pool at my grandmother's on the 4th of July. He was about the size of a nickel.

There's a blueberry farm I just discovered a few miles from my house. I ate some of the sweetest blueberries straight off the bush. I would've been worried about pesticides but I figured with the sheer amount of mosquitoes biting me I didn't have much to worry about.

A couple of days later I went tomato pickin'. This was a slightly longer trip that involved eating a great chili dog and seeing an advertisement for raccoons and catfish.

 I also had my first Coke & peanuts. I reckon I hadn't had one before because it's hard to find Coke in a glass bottle. I'm thinking of making a cake based on this.

Remember how I said something about how I love South Carolina produce? Well there was a man selling watermelons at the entrance of my neighborhood, and Montaree (my mom's bff) bought us a THIRTY POUND WATERMELON.

 Grady's been eating solids for a while now, and weaning him off the bottle hasn't really been an issue because that boy likes tuh eat, y'all. This was his first foray into spaghetti. His first bite ended in a hilarious face, but then he got into it. And just in case you were wondering, he's wearing 18-month 9 months old. Big. Ass. Baby.

When Will and I go to Panama City we always stop in Montego bay for some gumbo. I showed you a picture of it sometime last summer I think. It was the perfect start to a meal on what turned out to be a gray, rainy day.

I'm going to try to recreate this breakfast skillet. It's a bed of potatoes with bacon, ham, and cheese then topped with two over easy eggs and hollandaise sauce. I died. Between the eggs and hollandaise there were more egg yolks than I could probably handle. Oh and an English muffin on the side that I'm pretty sure was cooked on the griddle with a stick of butter. SO good. Oh and we may or may not have seen US soccer star Jermaine Jones.

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